27/08/2019 - Michael West - Corporate Tax Dodgers advising Treasurer Josh Frydenberg

30/11/2018 - Michael West - Investigation - how the government is 'punishing' bank crimes with tax breaks


04/06/2018 - The Guardian - Westpac (BT Financial Group) lost files of hundreds of clients, whistleblowers say

14/05/2018 - News.com.au - The global 'dirty money' bank that proves banks are beyond the law - HSBC  

27/04/2018 - Jeff Morris - 'I gift wrapped Commonwealth Bank for ASIC and it did nothing' - article not available but title says it all....

06/11/2017 - Fin Review - Greg Medcraft bemoans 'appalling' audits he's meant to regulate - headline

03/11/2017 - ABC News - Poor auditing could be 'canary in the coal mine' for financial crisis - ASIC boss

14/07/2017 - TND - Government to hit the salary sacrifice rort robbing workers

17/06/2017 - The Guardian - Federal ICAC is voters' best chance at breaking the scandal cycle

30/05/2017 - The Age - Scott Morrison locks $6.2 billion bank levy rate into law





17/06/2014 - ABC 7.30 Report - ILL ADVI$ED by Greg Hoy - supporting article - Strict financial advisor laws should stay

Financial advice plans - cutting red tape or giving rogue operators a green light?

                                               watch on iView if still available.




18/12/2017 - HNAB media release re ANZ, Timbercorp, KordaMentha and why they should be heard at the Royal Commission

15/12/2016 - HNAB statement to the 2016 ANZ AGM

16/06/2016 - Victims call for a one-stop-shop FICS: Establish a Financial Integrity Commission Service and a Royal Commission

08/04/2016 - HNAB-AG Media Release - Call for Royal Commission into FSI