White Collar Crime

March 2017 - Report tabled in Parliament -`Lifting the fear and suppressing the greed’: Penalties for white-collar crime and corporate and financial misconduct in Australia  


Understanding the trauma of white collar crime.  

Link to Senate Inquiry here  - The HNAB Action Group submission is number 41.



Managed Investment Schemes

November 2016 - Australian Government Response to Bitter Harvest Report

March 2016 - Final Report issued - Agribusiness MIS Bitter Harvest

November 2014 - Senate Economics Committee Hansard (transcript) of Wednesday's Hearing - click this link 

Our Chairperson's full submission speech to the Hearing - click this link

Document outlining TC Fraud and Misconduct and the role of ANZ - click this link

Link to Senate Inquiry here - the HNAB Action Group submission is number 193 with many submissions listed being from our group members.


                     Melbourne Town Hall on 12th November, 2014.



The performance of ASIC

This link will take you to over 470 submissions received by the Economics Committee after Senator John Williams called for a formal enquiry. Most of the submissions are in reference to Low Doc Loans with many also referring to loss of homes, superannuation funds, rogue financial advisers, personal health issues etc.

Article - Scrutinising ASIC - a watchdog or a dog with no teeth?

Articles referencing the Senate Enquiry

Revealing Look at ASIC's Practices 

26/06/2014 - Inquiry into the Performance of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (email received by HNAB from the Senate Economics Committee) -

I am writing to advise you that on 26 June 2014 the final report into the Performance of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission was tabled in the Senate chamber.The report is available on the Committee's website or click here.

The tabling of the report represents the end of the Committee's inquiry. On behalf of the Committee, thank you for your participation in this inquiry. 


27/08/2014 - House Debate - Streamlining of FoFA - Kelvin Thomson, Member for Wills  


Consumer Protection Inquiry - in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Sector

Submission number 124HNAB-AG has now been uploaded with responses from KordaMentha, ANZ, Peter Holt and John Berrill


June 2017 - Independent Australia "More of the same", part 1 by Dr Evan Jones. 

Dr Evan Jones is a retired political economist. Read Dr Jones' submission (#87) to the Senate Inquiry here

A two-part investigation; read Part 2 here.



Scrutiny of Financial Advice

Link to Senate Inquiry here 

Link to submissions here.  The HNAB Action Group submission is number 128 made to the 44th Parliament.