August 2013 onwards sees some interesting articles in The Age.

Lawyers John Voitin and Simon Nixon were also associated with Peter Holt as can be seen in the attached copy of Peter Holt's personal bankruptcy petition of June 2011.

Article - Fake lawsuits cited in 'scam' worth millions

Article - Lawyer denies hiding creditor assets

Article - Solicitors await 'fake debt' ruling

Article - Tangled web of Deceit, debt and lawyers

Article - Link between Voitin, Nixon and Sowersby with DAPAL Limited 

Related Court Ruling - Cross v Rullo linking Athena and DAPAL Limited

Peter Holt owed Simon Nixon Solicitors $14,660,000 and Voitin Lawyers $28,500 plus a lot of money to other Law Firms......

Also, see this story regarding insolvency liquidator Andrew Wily who is the Trustee of Peter Holt's bankruptcy - Commission's inaction leaves insolvency industry free from adequate regulation

Peter Holt's business partner - William John Norman of Holt Norman & Co (now in liquidation) has also had dealings with Voitin Lawyers.  What is interesting is Bill's personal bankruptcy as can be seen on this attached document number 1174/11/9 released by ITSA in April 2011.  Note link to DAPAL Limited and the article featured above.

September 2011 Information about activities of Andrew Wily

November 2014 - Timbercorp liquidators seek to remove Andrew Wily as bankruptcy trustee for Peter Holt  

13/02/2015 Exclusive - Sydney Insolvency News

Read this article about Andrew Wily relinquishing his bankruptcy ticket.

Our comment......

Victims of banned adviser Peter Holt (HNAB Action Group) wrote to Wily on 26 July 2013 with concerns about Holt's (fake debt) bankruptcy and related specific questions including a court case in the Supreme Court of South Australia in April 2013 with Total Beverage Australia P/L in which it was indicated Holt endeavoured to arrange a deferred payment of $865,000 as a way of securing assets beyond the reach of his creditors. Despite Wily's obligation to respond as the Bankruptcy Trustee, we received no response. It's pretty obvious why a Melbourne based bankrupt would use his friend as a Trustee in Sydney. The spin from these white collar criminals.... The photo in your story says so much, on so many levels!

07/05/2017 - 60 Minutes article

Ross Coulthart: How can the National Australia Bank choose to work with a person like this?

Note - this person has the same bankruptcy trustee as did Peter Holt - Andrew Wily of Sydney.