What you should know about Peter Holt, Craig Shepard, Catriona Lowe, TIMBERCORP and ANZ

HNAB-AG SURVEY reveals grave concerns about the HARDSHIP PROGRAM

Nine months since the special Senate Hearing into Timbercorp, subsequent information at the Hearing into Forestry MIS, August 2015, reinforces data from a HNAB-AG survey about ongoing concerns and misleading and deceptive conduct.

The opaque Hardship Program lacks accountability. It forces people to conclude misconduct-related debt – including loans in which they were placed without their knowledge at all, or via deceptive conduct - so yet again they are subjected to financial demands with NO TRANSPARENCY OR PROTECTION.

Catriona Lowe has made substantial errors and effectively advocates for Craig Shepard pushing people who have endured years of protracted distress, to comply with the liquidator’s demands thus extracting yet more money on the backs of victims of financial misconduct.

Craig Shepard’s refusal to exercise the full range of his power under statutory obligations, Catriona Lowe’s conduct and ANZ’s failure in its moral and ethical duty, as well as its role in taking over Timbercorp’s loan book, are all cause for serious questioning and reinforce the call for a Royal Commission into the industry.

Genuine political leadership to stop banks and power-brokers in the finance sector buying favour to silence or control review is essential to restore public trust and confidence.

It is the only way to address white collar crime that exists in plain sight within the financial services industry.


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